Tomazo de Piracquo is Alonzo's brother. He sees that Beatrice does not love Alonzo, and advises him not to marry her. After the murder of Alonzo, Tomazo comes to Vermandero's castle, seeking revenge, but he does not know the identity of the murderer. At first he is courteous to De Flores, thinking him an honest man (Act 4, scene 1), but later (Act 5, scene 2) takes an instinctive dislike to him and strikes him. At the end of the play he is satisfied that justice has been done.

Tomazo is a Spanish variant f the name Thomas. Thomas means twin, and Tomazo is the only man in the play with a brother, Alonzo. The name also references the apostle Thomas, known as Doubting Thomas, and Tomazo doubts Vermandero's claim that his brother left, attempting to discover the true location of his brother.

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