Antonio is a member of Vermandero's staff, but he gets permission to leave for a while, pretending that he is going on a trip to Bramata. In truth, he wants to gain access to Isabella, so he pretends to be a fool and is admitted to the lunatic asylum. After a while he casts his disguise aside and declares his love for Isabella. Unfortunately for Antonio (as well as for Franciscus), he happens to enter the asylum on the same day that Alonzo is murdered. When this fact transpires, Vermandero arrests him for murder. He is only spared the gallows when the truth comes out in the final scene.

Antonio can mean "Priceless" of "Flower." Antonio shares some the same goal as De Flores (whose name means deflower) however Antonio is unsuccessful as his attempt, hence the flower name. Priceless may be ironic.

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